AquaHarmony is an addon to the AquaSim package. It is a data processing tool for denoising and filtering of current measurements.

The basic concept of the software is to apply Fast Fourier Transform (FFT) for denoising of measurements. Fourier analysis is the study of how general functions can be presented as the sum of simpler harmonic functions. This is reflected by the name AquaHarmony; harmonic functions. The measurements are decomposed into harmonic functions and filtered by setting criteria for how data should be filtered. The sum of these criteria is called the denoising condition. The filtered measurements may then be applied in further processing for e.g. Site Reports in accordance with NS9415.

In short terms, the Fast Fourier Transform of measurements is done in four main steps:

  • Original measurements are imported to AquaHarmony.
  • The denoising condition is set by means of low period cut-off and harmonic periods.
  • The data is transformed from time-domain to frequency domain through FFT for efficient filtering.
  • The filtered measurements are inverted from frequency-domain to time-domain.

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Current rose

Current rose of filtered and unfiltered data from AquaHarmony.