For optimized solutions, operations and increased safety level

AquaSim is divers in its opportunities, it provides an easy-to-use interface for analysis of fishing equipment such as trawls, lines and trawl doors as well as innovative novel systems.

  • Validate structural integrity of vessel equipment for enhanced operational longevity and robustness.
  • Investigate trawl spread at forward velocities, including waves and currents.
  • Investigate layout and submergence. AquaSim can be applied in operational planning for e.g., weather windows to increase safety of equipment and personnel.

img1 Analysis of pelagic trawl for investigation of lift, drag, layout and forces in trawl, trawl doors and suspension system in AquaSim img4 Bubble twin trawl system by Calanus AS (Zooca) img2 Lift, drag, buoyancy, weights tilt, rotations and forces to the trawl doors from all attached lines calculated throug BEM img3 Trawl doors; analysis may include attachment points and local weight-distribution in addition to drag, lift and yaw based on BEM