Renewable energy

Seize the future - embrace the opportunities, address the challenges

Public demand for solutions rises for interesting and new challenges. The technological development within renewable energy is constantly evolving. Utilizing experience and the best knowledge from other industries is important for succeeding in groundbreaking projects. AquaSim provides the technology you need to find innovative solutions:

  • Floating solar system
  • Offshore wind turbines
  • Wave energy plant
  • Tidal energy plant

Floating solar system

The structure that encloses floating solar systems is based on floating pens moored to the seabed. Both stiff and flexible floating pens in combination with slender mooring lines. AquaSim is adapted for analyzing response of such systems, handling large deformations and nonlinear behavior.


Offshore wind turbines

Understand the opportunities and challenges that environmental loads introduce on offshore wind turbines. Get critical insight on the highly dynamical behavior of these moored systems. Acquire valuable data for fatigue investigations, simulation of installation operation and mooring analysis with the use of AquaSim.

Wave energy plant

To capture the forces of nature and convert it to energy can be a challenging task. A typical system will consist of many interacting components. The performance and capacity of such a system is very much dependent on the layout and local wave conditions. In addition, currents and wind contributes to challenge the structural integrity of the energy plant. With AquaSim, you can study and visualize your system from an early design stage. Providing valuable data for optimization and further development.

Langlee Wave Power


Tidal energy plant