The AquaSim Package

The AquaSim Package


AquaSim is a cutting-edge analysis tool delivered by Aquastructures AS. The software is based on Finite Element Method and is developed for structural analysis of marine- and land-based structures. Calculations of response from environmental loads such as winds, current, waves and interaction in coupled systems makes AquaSim a strong and viable tool for design verification; analyzing displacements, deformations, forces, and stresses acting onto- and within flexible and rigid structures.

The software is well suited for analysis of marine systems as well as onshore power lines, bridges, and buildings. The combination of beams, truss, shell, and flexible nets as building blocks, makes AquaSim a versatile software.

AquaSim is tailored for an efficient workflow. From preprocessing and establishment of a numerical model to completion of analysis it is easy to find the best solution.

The AquaSim Package

The AquaSim package provides a complete solution from the development stage and drawing, through calculations to postprocessing and presentation of results. The software package consists of three modules the preprocessor AquaEdit, the calculation engine and the post processing tools AquaView and AquaTool.


AquaSim provides an intuitive interface for establishment of a numerical model. The drawing and editing capabilities make it possible to build and develop your product. Rich libraries for standardized objects such as I-beams, ropes, chains and many more.


The calculation of structural response is based on time-domain analysis. Meaning it accounts for time-varying loads. Regular as well as irregular spectra of waves and winds may be applied to the analysis. The larger the time-varying deflections in a structure, the more complex and interesting the problem solving becomes. AquaSim account for the effect of deformable bodies under influence of fluid-induced forces, also known as hydroelasticity.


Good visualization of the results is important for the understanding and safety of the analyzes. AquaSim provides a 3D visualization of the numerical model and the resulting deformations, forces, and stresses.