AquaSim Privacy Policy

This policy applies to AquaSim,, and any services directly connected to AquaSim


AquaSim requires us to register and store user information relevant to billing (name, email, company, company registration number, and other applicable data). We also store the neccessary information to supply users with the correct licenses, including hardware identification, End User data, access logs where relevant, ip addresses, and information about versions and updates.

Personal correspondances and other information submitted willingly either through the website, email, telephone, or other contact is stored and processed internally in Aquastructures AS. Your permission for us to contact us is assumed should you communicate with us.

Digital services

Our digital offerings, including AquaSim and, log user access for security purposes, including IP, page and time of access.

Our contact us forms store the applicable user data (name, company, email, location of user, ip, time, and corresponding messages).

3rd party

We may share limited information (name, company, nature of relationship) with 3rd parties for the purpose of helping sales and / or support.


Telemetry is submitted anonymously, identified by a randomly changing ID such that the specific users anonyminity is upheld.


This website does not use any cookies or identifiable information on the clients systems

Additions to the policy

This policy does not override any additions made in the Terms and Conditions, nor other agreements made with our customers

Privacy concerns

Should you have privacy concerns, or other inquiries regarding personal data and policies at Aquastructures please contact us through our contact form.