2.16.0 released - Changelog

2.16.0 released - Changelog

Changelog for release 2.16.0 (20.01.2020)


  • Net generator now ensures that the bottom of the generated ring will have the correct depth if closed bottom if not enabled
  • Membrane X can be rotated and scaled when duplicating
  • Enviroment dialog now shows currents at 15m if varying currents are being used and one is set for 15m
    • Current will be shown as (0m current) / (15m current)
    • Also editable in the same format
  • Duplicate MembraneX elements are detected and fixable in Verify Model
  • Added option to extract specific timesteps after a run completes
  • Split file by timesteps now converts to AVZ and removes AVS if “Delete AVS files after run” is on.
  • New DOF window shows all non-zero DOFs in the model, allows zooming to the node by clicking in the list, and changing DOFs directly.
  • Lines can be drawn by specifying gps coordinates
  • Log files moved the %appdata%\local\aquasim
  • Added keyboard shortcut Alt+A for elements to active component
  • Added maximum force for winch, type In
  • Mirror-intent will show preview of how mirrored elements will look
  • Added new, advanced terrain import option
    • Delauney triangulation does no interpolation or smoothing of data.
  • AquaCross supports massive cross section
  • Added dialog for searching for functions


  • Max out file results dialog has a button to open the PFAT file where the largest value occurred.
  • Graphing of values in files split by ppfilter now starts at the first timestep in the file, not at timestep 0
  • Log files moved the %appdata%\local\aquasim directory
  • Fixed a visual bug for the water surface
  • Can now change units for force, moment and pressure in Settings
  • Added option to force all components visible on load
  • Graphing of cross section of nets and membranes added


  • Increased max elements for ppreduce from 20k to 50k


  • Max_Displacement.Displacement_X_[mm], Max_Displacement.Displacement_Y_[mm], Max_Displacement.Displacement_Z_[mm] for membranes have changed their reported unit and is now Max_Displacement.Displacement_X_[m], Max_Displacement.Displacement_Y_[m], Max_Displacement.Displacement_Z_[m]