2.17 released - Changelog

2.17 released - Changelog

Changelog for release 2.17


  • More precision in formulations for impermeable nets improving results
  • Change wind density 1.21 to 1.27
  • Possibility to place RAO to springs,
  • Adjustments to drift coefficients acc to current according to Faltinsen pp 146
  • Possibility to have dynamic wind to several membrane elements.
  • Possibility to have larger horizontal wave velocity under wave crest than prescribed by linear wave theory.
  • More refined in and out of water handling for classic nets.
  • Formulation for slamming to beams slightly improved
  • Possibility for surface suction applicable for membranes laid out on water surface .
  • Possibility for wave reduction to beams with hydrodynamic loads
  • Some format changes to parameters written to output files
  • Code optimalization for vectorization to achieve higher analysis velocity
  • Some code reformulations to increase analysis timer for irregular waves.
  • Some small adjustments to rollers


  • Fixed Springs not copying their properties from the library
  • Materials for basic beam wizards has been updated with PE100 according to NS6415, and Plastic has been renamed to PE80
  • Automatic comments on environment loads have been removed (#1331)
  • Fixes for when right clicking fails
  • Right clicking will no longer trigger drawing tools
  • Added PE100 to materials and renamed “Plastic” to PE80 (#1342)
  • Longitudinal drag coefficient has been moved to Elements Loads -> Advanced for beams, and to Drag Loads on trusses (#1341)
  • Deactivated decorators no longer show highlighted in the 3D view (#1343)
  • Logic for setting drift and reduction of drift on hydrodynamic beams has been cleaned up (#1319)
  • Added error messages to .TPE import when failing to load the library
  • Duplicated membrane x elements now stay in the correct component (#1349)
  • Terrain is now applied to max_out runs as well (#1347)
  • Added audible error beep when trying to execute invalid drawing operations (#1317)
  • Snapping nodes to terrain no longer applies a 0.5m offset (#1185)
  • AquaCross now allows docking and locking windows (#1315)
  • Select element(s) intent now selects the same way as the pointer intent (#1363)
  • Added warning if a solver is not available (#1323)
  • Component contacts are now deleted if one of the contact components is deleted (#1283)
  • RAO table has been tidied (#1360 / #1352)
    • Some name changes
    • Drift “RAO” now disables unused columns (#1353)


  • Fixed error in visualizing winches (#1350)
  • Fixed Tools -> Show component lengths not showing the correct length of components that include a winch (#1350)
  • Changed format of membrane volume output (#1346)
  • Number of decimals on values can now be set in settings (#1271)
  • Datasets can be reorderered after loading multiple datasets (#1328)
  • Improved detection of membrane elements, making them easier to select (#1313)
  • Intel integrated graphics cards will no longer trigger exclusion from shader based surface