2.17.1 released - Changelog

Changelog for release 2.17.1


  • Fixed error in triangular membrane elements

Please use Help -> Check for updated solver to download 2.17.1


  • Choosing PE80 or PE100 now lets user specify fill type without first choosing “Custom” (#1384)
  • Drift on hydrodynamic beam element property name changed to better reflect its actual meaning (#1319)
  • Subdivide Membrane X on different axis (#1379)
    • After selecting Membrane X elements user can now choose the subdivide direction to split membranes in half
    • Use the down arrow symbol on the Object Properties panel to access subdivide
    • Added subdivide action on squares to create two triangles
  • Fixed pressing “Cancel” when using the “Target max surface elevation” function to generate irregular waves freezing the application (#1385)
  • Implemented box select for Membrane X when using the Quad(s) Select intent (#1389)
  • Fixed Membrane X elements not being used to set pivot point for (visual) rotation
  • Tool Windows now remember their location when close (through the X)
  • Fixed “Toggles” and “Actions” tool window showing after using “Windows” menu to bring them back
    • Forced a minimum size on toggled windows
  • Added a verify action to make sure Quad elements don’t contain two touching parallel lines (#1393)
    • This applies to both “normal” and “Membrane X”
  • Duplicating membrane X elements now use the user specific pivot
  • An additional dialog box is shown when closing AquaCross to work around a bug where AquaEdit would freeze


  • Copy all to clipboard in the Element result table now allows user to turn off the title (#1390)
    • Copying from the table using ctrl-c will now use the last settings set by user in the Copy all to clipboard dialog
  • Fixed bug causing the visualization to halt if the user changes the stress colour palette during runs (#1386)


  • Generate distance to waterline and hydro pressure on nodes (#1204)
    • ppreduce now recognize “Distance.Waterline_[m]” and “Location.Waterline_[m]” for nodes and elements
  • Extract values for a specific node on a membrane element
    • Using the -mode parameter the node (a, b, c, or d) can be specified instead of the minimum, maximum, or average value across all the nodes (-mode a, -mode b, -mode c, or -mode d)