2.18 released - Changelog

Changelog for release 2.18


  • Surface tarpaulin account for friction due to suction
  • Possibility for extra drag to tangential twines
  • Number of twines accounts for pretension
  • Possibility to increase tangential drag twines
    • Drag can be set higher than 0.013. Drag cannot be less than 0.013
  • Adjustments to the drift calculation to Hydro beams (#1150)
  • Improvements sloshing
    • Account for inner height in sloshing calculation
  • Adjustments of when conv criteria from last static to first dynamic step
  • Adjustments number of threads in masktype 2 (diagonal)
  • Applied possibility for static pressure difference in lice skirt
  • Distance to surface exported for impermeable net
  • Dynamic friction damping for bottom springs
  • Updated wind formulation for type 1 wind to include dynamic wind
  • Write out convergence norm also on 6 noded / hexagonal net elements
  • Improvements to damping of 6 noded / hexagonal elements
  • More membrane 6 data written to PFAT file
  • Relating added mass write out to deformed surface
  • Distance to water surface for all elements
  • Improvements max-min data collection from impermeable net
  • Improvements dynamic wind (#1553)
  • Improvements wind to hexagonal nets
  • Improvements pressure to impermeable net
  • No extra weight above water for shell
  • Added dynamic friction for bottom


  • Fixed bug in generation of irregular sea when targeting a Hmax (#1485)
    • A Hmax larger than intended could be found in the wave, and not cause it to become invalid
  • Size of hinges can now be adjusted separately (#1525)
  • Added support for cartesian drift on pointloads. The previous drift is now called polar drift (#1480)
  • When using auto-generated membranes elements which become “too triangular” are now rejected (#1533)
    • The old behaviour can be re-enabled by using Settings -> Errors and Warnings -> Allow membrane generator to make broken elements
  • Fixed ScriptWindow not opening
  • TPE importer can now find library items in folders (See updated information on https://aquasim.no/faq/tpe_file_format.html)
  • Right-clicking elements allows user to edit the component information (#1529)
  • Winch now has units (#1512)
  • Fixed Scale selection not showing up if only membrane x elements were selected (#1516)
  • Suction coefficient now an option on surface tarpaulin (#1498)
  • The diagonal flag on membrane 6 elements can now be set for multiple elements at the same time
  • AquaCross
    • The window no longer floats in front of all other windows (#1479)
    • Tool windows can now dock, and be locked to the main window (#1315)
  • Intersect elements now better detect intersections, and does not create duplicate elements (#1417)
  • Tool windows now go back to their last used dock when toggled on through the menu
  • Damping coefficient and tangential damping now default to 0.02 and 0.1
    • NOTE: Old files must be manually updated to these values
  • Added horizontal and vertical friction for bottom parameters (#1559)
  • Property “Tangential added mass coefficient” added to Surface Tarpaulin (#1556)
  • Added “Show” and “Hide” to the visibility menu of the component list (#1555)


  • AquaCross
    • The axis of the applied forces aligned with the strong axis, rather than the implied axis, causing forces to be applied wrongly. This is fixed for all cross sections mirrored around an axis (#1329)
  • The view can now be set to zoom to the model size when loading (#1245)
    • Settings -> General -> Fit model view on load


  • Improved saving and loading