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Introduction to the tutorial section

About this course

The objective of this course is to teach you how to apply the AquaSim software for static and dynamic analyses of structures. You will be learning fundamental aspects about preprocessing, running analysis and postprocessing of results. The course is especially aimed at the aquaculture industry, with focus on modeling and analysis of moored systems.

You will be presented a set of case studies. The complexity of the case studies increases, it is therefore recommended to complete them in sequence, starting with CaseStudy 01. This course should be viewed as an introduction and supplement to the courses held by Aquastructures, and not as a replacement. Aquastructures offer attendance courses and online training for beginners and advanced users. Visit us on our website

Knowledge and prerequisites

The course is designed so that you do not need prior knowledge of the AquaSim software. It is expected that you are confident within data processing (MS Excel and similar), and have basic skills in the following:

  • Mechanics
  • Knowledge of principles of hydrodynamic
  • Knowledge of principles of Finite Element Method and analysis. To start the course, it is assumed that the AquaSim package is installed on your computer.

Training files

The complete collection of files from this course is found in your AquaSim folder on your computer.

Case study files

Conventions and fonts in this course

Conventions and fonts applied in this course are described in the table below.

Convention Description
> (greater than) Meaning the next step in your selection procedure. Example: Right click node > Nodes > Pointload.
Bold Is applied for commands and options. Example: Right click component > Type > Beam
Italic Indicates names, folders and files