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Assign AquaView more memory

Last reviewed version: 2.16

One of the most common errors when opening AVZ files is memory requirements. The easiest way to resolve this is to reinstall the application package and assign more memory to AquaView.

Step 1

Download and start the installation of the latest AquaSim package.

Step 2

Select “Custom installation”.

Custom installation image

Step 3

Click through until you see the “Advanced options” screen. Select High or Very High (on older versions these might be High and Extreme, High will usually suffice.). Please note that Very High requires a PC with at least 16 GB of memory installed. We usually do not recommend using Very High unless strictly needed.

Custom installation - select memory settings

Step 4

Continue the rest of the install as usual. Activation will not be needed if AquaSim was previously installed and actived correctly.