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Solver failed to download

Last reviewed version: 2.16


AquaEdit failed to download solver automatically, or solver needs to be installed on a computer without AquaEdit installed.

Step 1:

Find the license provided by email. If you cannot find this email please contact support.

License email

Use the PCID from AquaEdit to find the correct download for your PC. Click on the solver version you wish to download from the Download column. When prompted save this file to a location of your choosing.

After it has download rename this file to not include the ID numbers at the front (usually you want it to be called aquasim_version.exe). Then copy this file to the installation folder of AquaSim (usually c:/program files/aquastructures/aquasim, different regions have different names for this folder). This will require administrator privileges.

Step 2

Make sure AquaEdit is set to use the newly downloaded solver.

AquaEdit settings