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Docking panels in AquaEdit (#1075)

Last reviewed version: 2.16.3

In AquaSim release 2.16.3 a new inteface was introduced that allows for docking panels.

The AquaEdit view is now divided into 3 dockable zones. On either side of the 3D view, and one at the top of the window for toolbars. The toolbar can be changed by right clicking on an empty spot on the toolbar and unselecting “Lock”. This will allow the user to remove, rearrange, and add toolbars. By default, all toolbars are visible. All toolbars can also be docked in the left and right docks.

Moving and docking panels

All panels can be moved by dragging them by the title. If moved out of a docked area they will become windows, and dragging them over a docking area they will dock to that dock. They can be rearranged by dragging them up and down by the title. They can also be resized by dragging the bottom when they’re docked.

Further customization

By right-clicking on the title a panel can be further customized to either stop them from being able to dock (if currently windowed), minimized in the docking area so only the title is visible (useful for keeping wasted space at minimum, but still having the panel viewable), or to full size (if currently docked) it in its dock. That will stretch the panel to take up any remaining room in the dock.

Resetting back to the default workspace

Pressing Shift + 1 or using ToolsWorkspacesDefault resets all the panels back to the default state for AquaEdit. If any windows/panels are missing this will bring them back.

The use of Workspaces

As of release 2.16.3 only the Default workspace is supported. Further support for more workspaces may not return, as docking panels and use of the Lock Windows function mostly supplants the need for using more Workspaces.