FAQ - Text and/or windows are scaled wrongly

FAQ - Text and/or windows are scaled wrongly

Last reviewed version: 2.15


Text is either too large or too small in the User Interface and does not fit their buttons or menus. If this error persists in programs other than AquaEdit, perform the same operations on them.

Step 1: Verifying that Windows scaling is being used.

By right-clicking on a blank space on the desktop should bring up a small dialog, choose “Display Settings” from this list.

Display Settings

If multiple screens are present on the system, choose the screen AquaEdit is running on from the display at the top.

Scroll down to “Scaling and layout”. If the value of the first box is other than 100% proceed to the next section. If this value is at 100% please contact Aquastructures Support for further problem solving.

Scale and layout

Solution: Forcing AquaEdit to 100% scaling

Find AquaEdit in the start menu. If AquaEdit is pinned to the start menu right click it, or go through “more programs” and find “Aquasim” and “AquaEdit” under it, or simply search for AquaEdit in the search bar. Rick click “AquaEdit” whichever option you use. Select “Properties”.

Properties of AquaEdit

Choose the “Compatability” tab and click “Change high DPI settings”.

AquaEdit properties

Toggle “High DPI scaling override” on and set the drop down menu to “Application”.

High DPI settings

Close all dialogs by pressing “OK” and try re-running AquaEdit. If this does not fix the problem please contact Aquastructures Support and we will attempt to find other work-arounds.